Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Got any change on ya?

Change is a good thing for me. I love new stuff. So I'm moving the blog to Wordpress, just because I like it a bit better and want to try something new. It's either that, or have another kid, and I'm picking the cheaper of the two.

So the new blog address is, drumroll please...albritton5.wordpress.com.

Change it on your bookmarks, (this pretty much applies to just my parents, the rest of you that just read this when you're bored at work...)

Keep the expectations low for a few days...I've got stuff to do every day this week, so I'm not home much. My house is getting messier and messier, and there's just nothing I can do about it right now. So when I'm home, blogging probably won't be a priority.

This blog will still be here. I need to find out how to save it permanently so I'll always have the thoughts and pics and stuff. But after today, all new information will be on the new blog.

So thanks Blogger, for the memories. I've just figured you out, and now I'm movin' on. Sounds like relationships I had...many moons ago.

Adios, amigos

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We're a little mildewy...

but we're having fun!

The kids went back to school today after a great weekend. Of course, due to our Russian friend Gustav, we're having to play indoors. Until dad gets home, that is. Then everybody hits the puddles. I'm fine with this as long as he bathes them!

Molly and I have had some really meaningful conversations lately. This was a few minutes ago:

Me: let's talk about your birthday party.
Molly: okay, I want a blow up slide and a pool!
Me: your birthday is in November, you'll freeze your noo-noos off!
Molly: we just won't put water in the pool, and wear our jackets!

Then a few minutes later...

Me: we'll probably paint stuff at your party.
Molly: can we play games too?
Me: sure! What do you want to play?
Molly: Hockey
Me: (uncontrollable laughter)
Molly: Mom?
Me: huh? (still can't stop laughing
Molly: What's hockey?

Stay tuned in November for THOSE picture! They're bound to be amazing, the first four year old hockey team in Mississippi!

Since we have to stay indoors, I took some pictures of the kids this afternoon. Molly asked me to take pics while she danced. It's not as entertaining as video, but this will give you a good idea of what we see every day, morning, noon and night.

the headband rocks.

This is after a fun trip to Fresh Market with my mom. Molly could get whatever treat she wanted, and of course, there was no other option for her but the solid pink lollipop. She said, "I'm the sthickiesth guhl you evah did see!"

Paiz looks like she's trying to make a point. I think she looks kind of like Beth Moore teaching the Word. The leaning forward stance, the hands up...preach it sistah!I don't know what's up here, I just think it's cute. When you tell her to Praise the Lord, this is what you get. She's making her owl sound here. Hoo! Hoo!

And here she's reading her book. I read Where's Baby's Belly Button about 27 times today. This book I think is about Belle, and Paiz loses interest by page 2, but she looks so cute sitting there with it.

I took pictures of Aidan too, but he never stopped talking long enough to smile or anything. So all the pictures look really strange. He read a whole book to Molly the other night. I can't believe he's reading so well now. I'm so proud of him. Molly figured out how to add every number under 10. She calls it "making math" and she can figure out adding single digits very quickly. We worked on subtraction (taking away) last night, and I think she understands that too. Paiz won't say a word. She understands them, she follows instructions so well. But she refuses to talk. It's probably not a bad thing, she'd never get a word in with the rest of us!

So now you've had your Albritton kid fix for the week. I'm proud of them. I'm thankful that they're mine. I had a really rough day today outside of being a mommy, so I'm thankful that they danced and smiled for me this afternoon. It brought a little sunshine in my life, and we could use some of that!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Tammy Faye Would Be Proud!

Last night, and the night before, Michael and I cleaned out dresser drawers in our room. It's starting to look like a nice place, not just an oversized utility closet.

Last night we worked on the bathroom. We have NO counter in our bathroom, due to a cute, but impractical pedestal sink. So we made due with a practical, but not cute, drawer thingy. Michael decided drawer thingy had to go (yay!), so we cleaned it out, toiletry by toiletry. We replaced it with kinda-cute cabinet thingy, which needs to be painted, but still works nonetheless.

While going through years of half used beauty products, I learned so much about myself. You know me, I simply adore a chance for personal growth.

I learned:
1. I never finish a bottle of lotion. We threw away maybe 10 bottles of lotion, 3/4 full. I have no idea why I do this. So far, the only skin softening relationship that has lasted till the end has been with Aveeno. Ahhhh, Aveeno.

2. I have really cool taste in nail polish colors. Which is funny, because I NEVER get my nails done. And I don't switch colors often. I wear one until it looks like a truck ran over my foot. But when I switch, I've got a vast color selection that is quite fabulous.

3. I've kept (and shouldn't have) every little zip pouch from every Clinique bonus for the last 10 years. This is not something I'm proud of.

4. I threw out maybe 50 lipsticks. Most of them were a neutral shade from the aforementioned Clinique bonuses. I had tons of little pale green tubes. There were some Estee Lauder and Lancome mixed in, along with some crazy Avon glossy things. I've seen a chart somewhere that tells how long you're supposed to keep makeup. I'm thinking every tube was past its prime. I'm scared of what would happen to my lips should I try one of them again.

5. I found a fake hairpiece. It has blond streaks and little braids. I think I got it as a gag gift. I'm so wearing that thing. When am I singing in church again??

6. I have a rainbow of eyeliners. And I've worn every one of them. I found 3, yes 3!, purple Almay liners.

7. We have enough ibuprofen to sink a ship.

8. What on earth will I use a tube of Lansinoh lanolin for, now that I'm not breastfeeding anymore? We tried to think of what I could use it for, and came up with nothing. Suggestions, please!

9. I have hair barrettes and clippy things from HIGH SCHOOL. They've hung in there through MC, through 6 moves, and 3 kids. And it's the weirdest thing, I never wear barrettes. Trashed.

10. And finally, in my time of self awareness, I realized: I CAN NEVER GO TO WALGREENS AGAIN. I need to be in a support group for beauty product addiction.

So now I've scaled down. I'm free from the burden of expiration dates and smelly lotions. It was a sweet release.

This winter, if my skin starts looking dry, remind me...STICK WITH AVEENO.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Home again, Home again...jiggety jig

Michael is home. After a lot of airport waiting, he made it safe and sound. Now he's lying here waiting for me to get off the computer so I'll pay attention to him.

But I just had to let you know he made it. Since I know you really care and all.

I just asked him what he would like to say to the world via my blog, and he said, "I don't know...you can save 20% or more with Geico."

Astounding wit.

"I'm glad to be home, otherwise it would be 8:00 in Portland right now and I'd be waiting for a plane".

Gosh, he's killing me with the snazzy anecdotes.

I'm thinking we'll just have to have a Michael quoting session another day. I'm trying to convince him to do a vlog with me. A video post. I think it would be hilarious. Now, my blog friends...I said it first, so don't go do one tomorrow and beat me to the punch. It takes a while to convince Michael to do anything. It might be months before he gives in. Or never. I'm not that convincing.

No labor day plans right now. Not prepared for a hurricane. Can you tell I'm living for the moment?

Sunday I have a scary thing to do. Major nerves. I'd better wear black pants.

Paisley has picked up some crazy dance moves. She was holding a chair, standing on one foot shaking her head. It was awesome.

Michael is starting to fall asleep. He jerks when he is dozing off. Oh, how I missed him, taking up most of the bed.

Maybe Aidan will do a vlog with me. That kid won't take a still shot, but he loves some vid. Maybe it's the sound of his voice. He's quite taken with it. I should know, he never stops talking. Ever. I'm glad he says funny stuff.

Maybe tomorrow we'll go buy bottled water. In case the lights go out next week.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

No laughing matter

I don't feel funny. I have funny stories to tell, but I don't think they'd be funny if I told them.

Not that I'm a naturally funny person, I'm not. But I can usually be sarcastic enough that I get a few chuckles.

So I'm going to wait and post again when I feel funny.

Rather than funny, I feel tired. I haven't slept much in several days. Maybe if I rest, the funny will come back.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Playdate for Paisley!

My girl is making buddies!

Michael is gone to Oregon again, and this morning, I had scheduled some volunteer time at the church. The sweet lady that usually keeps her when I do that was busy, so I was in a bind. Yesterday at Bible Study, a sweet friend that I'm just getting to know said she'd be glad to keep her. We both have girls the same age! They are a few weeks apart, and just had a wonderful time.

I'm not good at asking for help, but when I do, I'm always so glad I did!

Paiz and Lilah loved the wagon!

I L-O-V-E this picture. Lilah's mom did a great job on this one.
Oh, and Lilah wore a paisley romper in honor of her new friend! Sweet girl.

So this morning was fun for her, and I had a great time too! The kids are loving school. Aidan had an "all about me" poster due today. We made a huge picture collage of, well, him. His teacher liked it a lot.

This is a long trip for Michael. Monday through possibly Friday, and he may not even get back to Jackson until Saturday morning. We've been so busy, it hasn't been bad at all this time. School makes a big difference. Last night we spent time at my parents' house, getting to know the new Recreation minister's wife and girls.

I've been learning and growing constantly. I've also been challenged so much in the last 2 weeks. Without giving details, I was asked to do something I really didn't think I could do. But I'm learning that we are always better than we think we are. God has given us more potential then we will ever even realize here on earth, simply by making us in his image.

I've also learned that when someone thinks I can do something, and voices that to me, that gives me so much encouragement to try! By the encouragement I've received, I'm learning that I must be an encourager too, so that maybe someone else will find the strength to try something they think they couldn't do. Again, my motto is quickly becoming: "We are not blessed so that we can live in our blessedness. We are blessed so that we can be a blessing to others." That can also mean encouraging, loving, accepting, forgiving, just replace "bless" with one of those words and it can apply to so many things.

I've got tons to do around the house. We haven't been here much, so work is building up around me! I really need to go in my room and do some work in there, but since Michael's been gone, there has been a sleeping child in my room anytime we've been home! Maybe tonight I can reclaim my space!
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Name that Tune

Aidan and I went to a birthday party at Pump It Up yesterday. We hardly ever get to be by ourselves to talk and hang out. We laughed and joked on the way over and had a great time at the party (Pump it Up is one of those places that if you don't have fun, it's so your own fault!)

On the way home, we're crossing the Spillway, and I was flipping through the radio. I got to an oldies station and "Lean On Me" was playing. I start singing, "You just call on me brother, when you need a hand...."

After a second or two, I thought I couldn't take anymore, so I changed the station, and Aidan said, "Mama! Go back to that song!" I did. Really, I had only played about 3 or 4 seconds of the song. Apparently he liked what he heard.

He told me, "That's the same guy that sings the song about 'No Sunshine When She's Gone'"!

He was right, but how on earth did he know that?

I asked him if he'd heard "Lean On Me" before and he said "No, but the man's voice is familiar, and I know he sings the sunshine song with all the I knows!"

You know that song..."I know, I know, I know, I know...." It's on during that scene in Notting Hill where Hugh Grant is walking through London and the seasons are changing. One of my favorite movie scenes ever. Aidan's never seen the movie (duh!) but he's heard the soundtrack in the car and he loves that song.

So my buddy can pick out voices within a few seconds. I'm thinking either a career in music, or the FBI.

I told him, "Dude, that's amazing!"

He replied, "Well, I AM very smart!"

And quite humble, I might add.